Cultural Capital


What is Cultural Capital?
Cultural Capital is the knowledge, behaviours and skills that children need in order to prepare them to be successful in society. It draws on their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence with the aim of exposing children to different life experiences. It helps children achieve goals, become successful and support their next stage of education and in the world of work.

How is Cultural Capital implemented at St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary School ?
At St Gabriel’s we aim to provide our children with experiences and opportunities to explore the world around them, ask questions and take part in interesting and stimulating experiences.

This may include:

  • Finding out about the local area and visiting different places
  • Learning about people in our community
  • Being involved in a charity events and fundraising
  • Celebrating different cultures, traditions and faiths
  • Learning beyond the classroom
  • Taking part in sport competitions
  • Learning about road safety
  • Learning about inspirational people
  • Having fun and working as a team

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