St Gabriel's 'Mini' Vinnies'

Our school organisation that follows the work of St Vincent de Paul. Click on the link above that will take you the 'Mini Vinnies' website.  Below you will find some information about St Vincent and his work.


St. Vincent de Paul (1581 - 1660)

St. Vincent de Paul

Vincent was born poor and in the beginning he wanted to be rich. This was why he first became a priest!

Later he changed his mind and decided to spend his life helping the sick and mentally-ill, orphans and old people, beggars and the starving, prisoners and galley slaves.

Vincent’s life is a great reminder for us all to find ways to help those around us.


Our ' Mini Vinnies' is  a new group of committed pupils wanting to make a difference in the same way as St Vincent de Paul. Watch this space!

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