Year 6 2023 - 2024

Ms Dickenson

Welcome to the Summer Term 2024.  The welcome letter is available in the files section below.



Ms Dickenson, Mrs Townson and Mrs Stokes welcome you to the Year 6 page!

We have lots of exciting things planned for this term and we can't wait to get started.



Key Dates for Year 6:



10/7/24: Science trip to Trentham Gardens

11/7/24: Optional Parent/teacher meetings

16/7/24: Leavers Mass

17/7/24: Awards assembly (invitation only)

19/7/24: Leavers' assembly

19/7/24: The Great Year 6 Water Fight Extravaganza!

19/7/24: Break up

22/7/24: INSET day

23/7/24: INSET day



Please see below for an overview of our learning this term.  For more detail, please see the Welcome Letter which will be sent home within the first few days of term.  This letter will also be available in the files section below once term begins.


Curriculum for the Summer Term



Summer One - The Transforming Spirit

  • To know about the Ascension
  • To understand what happened at Pentecost
  • To understand Peter the Apostle
  • To understand the transformation of Paul
  • To understand that all popes are descendants of St Peter


Summer Two - Called to Serve

  • To know and understand that God made every person in his image
  • To know how some people have responded to God's call
  • To know about the sacrament of marriage
  • To know about the sacrament of Holy Orders


Maths (more detail in maths overview in files section below)

  • Decimals - converting fractions to decimals; fractions as division
  • Percentages - fractions to percentages; equivalent fractions, decimals & percentages; percentages of amounts
  • Measure - perimeter, area & volume
  • Geometry - angles in triangles, quadrilaterals & polygons; circles and nets of shapes; position & direction
  • Statistics - line graphs, pie charts, bar charts, mean average



Key texts: When the Sky Falls by Phil Earle  & The Final Year by Matt Goodfellow

Reading comprehensions on a variety of texts including modern classics.  

Writing - Descriptive narrative; diary entry, information text & explanation

SpellingRevision of 3/4/5/6 statutory words; Year 6 spelling patterns


  • Revision of nouns, verbs, adjectives
  • Noun phrases
  • Adverbs & adverbials
  • Homophones
  • Coordinating Conjunctions
  • Verb tenses: simple past/present; present perfect

Whole class guided reading - Funny, Frightening, Fantastic - collection of stories



Evolution & Inheritance

  • Identify inherited characteristics
  • To learn about Charles Darwin
  • To learn about theories of evolution and natural selection
  • To learn how plants and animals adapt to their environments
  • To learn about Mary Anning and her work

Living Things and their Habitats

  • To group animals according to characteristics
  • To learn about Carl Linnaeus and his work
  • To learn about the Linnaen system of classification
  • To understand how to use a branching diagram of classification
  • To learn about and classify micro-organisms
  • To develop a system of classification for plant and animals in the school grounds



The Impact of War

  • To use war memorials and war graves to assess the impact of war on Alsager
  • To show how the first and second world wars impacted children
  • To know and understand how the wars impacted daily life
  • To explain if life was more dangerous in Alsager in the first or second world war
  • To design a memorial for local people who served in the wars
  • To present knowledge gained about Alsager during the war 



Our World in the Future

  • To plan and carry out fieldwork to answer a question
  • To understand how and why housing needs change over time
  • To understand the importance of work opportunities to the local community
  • To understand that communities need accessible amenties and public services
  • To understand how the geography of communities affects community spirit
  • To plan for a sustainable future for our area



  • Online safety
  • Spreadsheets
  • Programming Micro-bits



Craft & Design - Photo Opportunity

  • To understand compostion in creating photo montages
  • To apply an understanding of abstract art through photography
  • To understand design choices using digital photography techniques
  • To recreate a famous painting using photography
  • To create art in a photorealistic style



Design & Technology - Automatas

  • To learn about automatas and their purpose
  • To design an automata
  • To experiment with cams
  • To measure, cut and assemble the automata
  • To apply finishing touches, test and review the automata


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