Year 6 2023 - 2024

Ms Dickenson

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2023.  The welcome letter is available in the files section below.



Ms Dickenson, Mrs Townson and Mrs Stokes welcome you to the Year 6 page!

We have lots of exciting things planned for this term and we can't wait to get started.



Key Dates for Year 6:

12/12/23: Dress rehearsal of KS2 production for KS1

13/12/23: KS2 Christmas production @1pm

14/12/23: KS2 Christmas production @1pm

14/12/23: Business Enterprise sale and refreshments @ 5pm

14/12/23: KS2 Christmas production @ 6pm 

20/12/23: Y6 & Reception Christmas Crafts

21/12/23: KS2 disco from 4-5pm

22/12/23: Christmas party

22/12/23: Break up

8/1/24: Return to school

16/1/24: Y6 Road Safety talk

25/2/24: Guitar workshop

8/2/24: Parent/teacher consultations

12/2/24: Stanley Head

16/2/24: Break up

26/2/24: Return to school

4/3/24: Interhouse Cricket competition

28/3/24: Break up

15/4/24: Return to school

3/5/24: Bank holiday

6/5/24: Bank holiday

7/5/24: Return to school

13/5/24: SATs week

20/5/24: Interhouse handball

23/5/24: Break up

24/5/24: INSET day

3/6/24: Return to school

17/6/24: Athlete visit/fitness circuit

18/6/24: Interhouse cross-country competition

19/6/24: Sports day

20/6/24: ASM activity day

1/7/24: Interhouse rounders

11/7/24: Parent/teacher meetings

19/7/24: Leavers' assembly

19/7/24: Break up

22/7/24: INSET day

23/7/24: INSET day



Please see below for an overview of our learning this term.  For more detail, please see the Welcome Letter which will be sent home within the first few days of term.  This letter will also be available in the files section below once term begins.


Curriculum for the Autumn Term



Autumn One

The Kingdom of God

  • To know about the Kingdom of God and reflect on its meaning
  • To understand that everyone is invited into the Kingdom of God and consider ways to share this Good News.

  • To understand the words and actions necessary to show commitment to the Kingdom.

  • To reflect on words and deeds necessary to show commitment to the Kingdom.
  • To know that Jesus has compassion for all who suffer.

  • To know about people who helped to spread the Kingdom of God

Autumn Two


  • To understand the meaning of justice

  • To know about some people who have been persecuted for speaking out against injustice

  • To know about some people who work for justice

  • To know that in Advent we prepare to celebrate the birthday of Jesus
  • To know about the Incarnation




  • Place value
  • Four operations
  • Fractions
  • Imperial and metric measures



Key texts: The Hero Twins by Dan Jolley & Oh Maya Gods! by Maz Evans

Reading comprehensions on a variety of texts including modern classics.  

Writing - Descriptive narrative; diary entry, information text & explanation

Spelling -  Revision of 3/4/5/6 statutory words; Year 6 spelling patterns


  • Revision of nouns, verbs, adjectives
  • Noun phrases
  • Adverbs & adverbials
  • Homophones
  • Coordinating Conjunctions
  • Verb tenses: simple past/present; present perfect

Whole class guided reading - The Eye of the Wolf




  • To investigate the fact that light travels in a straight line
  • To understand and explain angles of incidence and reflection
  • To understand what refraction is
  • To understand how shadows are formed
  • To understand the colour spectrum



  • To understand how electricity has impacted our lives
  • To learn about the famous scientists who have made important discoveries about electricity
  • To understand voltage and how it effects electrical circuits
  • To understand and use circuit symbols
  • To use our knowledge of circuits to create our own electrical game


Geography  & History

The Maya

  • To use evidence to reach conclusions about the lives of the Maya in the past and the present
  • To reach conclusions about the Maya by investigating their ancient cities, and to understand why the cities remained hidden for so long.

  • To know and understand why religion was important to the Maya.

  • To investigate Maya technology and culture, and reach a conclusion on how advanced Maya society was
  • To be able to provide valid reasons why the Maya disappeared around 900 AD
  • To reach a conclusion about whether the Maya are a significant society and should be remembered

South America - The Amazon

  • To understand what the Amazon is, and where it is located

  • To understand the Amazon’s climate, and how the native animals are adapted to it

  • To research the Amazonian city of Manaus

  • To understand what life is like in the Amazon, and how it is changing

  • To understand how the Amazon is being damaged and how it can be protected

  • To understand the value of the Amazon and how it can be protected



  • Online Safety
  • Coding
  • Blogging



  • Maya Art
  • Experimental mark making
  • Symbolic imagery
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Street Art
  • Powerful Imagery

Design & Technology

Steady Hand Game

Business Enterprise



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