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The aims of Maths education at St Gabriel's are to:

  • Create a positive, inclusive maths environment where all achieve.
  • Provide positive role models in maths by being 'mathsenthusiasts' ourselves.
  • Help children to develop a growth mindset that enables them to feel confident in approaching all aspects of their maths learning.
  • Develop a strong foundation of early maths skills which is then successfully built upon year after year.
  • Help children develop automaticity in recalling key maths facts thus enabling them to be successful in the wider maths curriculum.
  • Provide early intervention to address misconceptions and help secure knowledge.
  • Provide rich challenge for those who grasp the concepts being taught at an accelerated rate.
  • Promote a love of maths and an understanding of its wider applications in terms of cross-curricular links, career choices and real-life applications.
  • Teach specific mathematical vocabulary that assists children in their understanding and also in explaining and reasoning their own ideas.
  • Enable our pupils to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge to be successful, independent and motivated life-long learners



At St Gabriel’s Catholic Primary school, we are committed to nurturing the hearts and minds of all children to ensure that they reach their full potential. We believe that maths is an essential tool for accessing opportunities throughout life and aim to support our children in not only developing their mathematical skills but also in growing a love for maths as a subject.

In order to help our children develop the mathematical skills they need, we follow the national curriculum, taught through a maths mastery approach. Children who master maths acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of maths. This deep knowledge then allows them to apply the understanding they have to a wide range of conceptual problems within maths, the wider curriculum and their real-life experiences.  

Teachers all follow a mastery programme. We ensure that children acquire declarative, procedural and conditional knowledge of each concept taught, adapting the scheme's provision where necessary to support both individual and collective progress. Power Maths aims to spark curiosity and excitement, whilst nurturing confidence in maths. Lessons are child-friendly and engaging, and model and embed a growth mindset approach to maths learning. Please click on the link below for further information on this scheme:

You can also see a Q & A letter below by scrolling down the page.

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St Gabriel's also works in partnership with other schools involved in the mastery approach through the MATHSHUBS of Cheshire and Wirral. This involves bringing together mathematicians from a range of schools, working together in a collaborative network.

Please click on the MATHSHUBS link for more info.


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