Spellings set Tuesday 14th May to be tested on Monday 20th May 

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material minute natural naughty notice occasion
occasionally opposite ordinary      

Spelling group 2

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Science homework

This work will be placed in Science books, so please take care to ensure it is well-presented and accurate. 

'Who was Pierre Fauchard and what did he discover?'

Create an information page about 'Pierre Fauchard' who was a French Scientist. Make sure somewhere on your page, there is the following question:

'Who was Pierre Fauchard and what did he discover?'

You could present your findings as:

-a poster

-an information page

-a brainstorm with information around the edges

-a biography

You can include words, pictures and diagrams. 

Maths homework- Year 4 times tables check is fast approaching!

-Continue with TT rockstars (daily if possible) and use the website below for extra times tables practise:

This year, Year 4 will complete an official times tables check during the Summer term. Times tables are hugely important in our learning in Year 4 and beyond and they will need to know all times tables up to 12x12. This week (and every week after this), I would like children to spend time on TT rockstars to practice their quick recall and have a go at the following online check which replicates the conditions of the Summer term check :)

Multiplication Tables Check - 2023 - Timestables.co.uk


Daily home reading is incredibly valuable for our children and I strongly encourage helping your child move forwards with this. They can read aloud to you, their siblings, even their pets! If you can ask them questions to see what they have understood after they have read a page, this will be useful to gage their understanding. Please focus on book banded books and send these along with reading diaries into school on a daily basis :) Encourage children to read for pleasure also and find a variety of books that they are interested in. 


As always, please do ask if you are unsure of anything at all. 

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