Reading in Year 6

Reading is a vital life skill, required of everyone, every day.  In Year 6, as in other year groups, reading plays a pivotal role in all areas of our curriculum.  

In Class

Reading for pleasure is timetabled into our week, with a 20 minute slot occurring on most days. We also ask that children read for pleasure at home.  Year 6 are not too old to read aloud to an adult and they are certainly not too old to have a bedtime story read to them.  

Children are more than welcome to bring in books from home to read at school.  They are also welcome to choose a book from our extensive class collection.  If your child cannot find a suitable book, please encourage them to ask and we will order a selection of books for them from the Education Library Service.

Hooked on Books

Every half term, we take part in 'Hooked on Books'.  This is where children are exposed to a small selection of fiction and non-fiction books from which they vote as a class for which book they wish to purchase to add to the class collection.  This year, we have already bought 'When the Sky Falls' by Phil Earle, 'The Christmas Dinner of Souls' by Ross Montgomery and 'The Last Bear' by Hannah Gold.

Special Needs

Some children, of course, are not as keen on reading as others and find it particulary challenging.  For children with dyslexia and dyslexic tendencies, we offer a special selection of reading books with cream pages and a reduced number of pages whilst still being aimed at Year 6 readers.

To help your children with reading (and without them realising they are doing it), consider putting the subtitles on to all TV shows that they watch and on their devices when they watch videos.  They will be exposed to new vocabulary and spelling patterns on a daily basis. Watch this short video message by actor, Jack Black for further details:

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